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How to Vote in the Runoff!

Like the November election, the Mayoral runoff is an all mail election.


All voters will receive a ballot in the mail during the first or second week of January.


This time, there is only one thing on it - the mayor's race!


Fill in your ballot with black ink, complete the information on the back, don't forget to sign it, and then...


Mail it back in! Postage is not required!

Or take it to a secure ballot drop off location! 


Your ballot must be postmarked by February 2nd or dropped off by 8pm on February 2nd to count, so don't delay! Make sure your voice is heard!

Did you know that nearly 80% of registered voters voted in the November election, but only 29% of registered voters voted in the last runoff for Modesto Mayor?


Don't let that happen this time around! Please vote!

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