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We Support Sue for Mayor!


Modesto City Fire Fighters Local 1289

Modesto Police Officers Association

Elected Officials

Congressman Josh Harder

Stanislaus County Supervisor Mani Grewal

Modesto City Council Member Chris Ricci

Modesto City Council Member Eric Alvarez

Modesto City Council Member Nick Bavaro

Modesto City Council Member Rosa Escutia-Braaton

Modesto City Council Member Jeremiah Williams

Modesto City Council Member David Wright

Chad Brown, Modesto City Schools Board Member

Cindy Marks, Modesto City Schools Board Member

Mary Ann Sanders, Stanislaus County Board of Education Trustee

Rachel Hernandez, Riverbank Vice-Mayor

Luis Uribe, Riverbank City Council Member

Lise Talbott, Waterford City Council Member

Tony Coelho, Former Member of Congress

Adam Gray, Former Member of the CA State Assembly

Kristin Olsen, Former Member of the CA State Assemby

Anthony Cannella, Former Member of the CA State Senate

Steve Grenbeaux, Former Modesto City Schools Board Member

Paul Neumann, Former Modesto City Schools Board Member

Amy Elliot Neumann, Former Modesto City Schools Board Member

William Broderick-Villa, Former Mayor of Waterford

Community Members

Susan Azevedo, Former Member, CA Water Quality Control Board

Paul Baxter, Former Acting Modesto City Manager

Denise Nordell, Co-President, Friends of the Modesto Library

Patricia Portwood, Vice-President, Stanislaus Library Foundation

Anne Klor Porteous 

Pete and Vivien Dutton

Bruce Valentine

George and Anna Boodrookas 

Dave and Denise Nordell

John Sanders

Carol and Ron Jennison

Karen Gordon

Sandra Lucas

Mary Ann Reynolds

Sarah Howard

Lori Bryhni

Kathleen Irizarry

Mark Looker

Elaine Hill 

Shari Larsen

Megan Gowans

Randy Wagner

Mark and Cindy Morphy

Jerry Frad

Jean Ann McCay

Pamela Roberson

Diane Kroeze

Richard Baum

Ken White

Nicole Johnson

Sharon Baum

Joseph and Patricia Lima 

Johnna and Ken Bryant

Amy Erwin

Catherine Jennison

Melanie Hardy

David Loucks 

Marian Martino 

Marilyn D’Accardo Lyghtle 

Andrew Radin

Loretta Stein

Darin and Elizabeth Jesberg

Kim Ricci

Pamela Roberson 

Catania Galvan

Liliana Lazo

Pat Glattke

Jocelyn Cooper

Nancy Scheer


Partial list. Titles for identification purposes only.

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