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A Fresh Start for Modesto


The Right Experience at the Right Time

Modesto must present a united front on public safety, job creation, affordable housing, and a healthy quality of life for all our residents. Division does nothing to further our city’s interests.  As Mayor, I will work with my council colleagues on moving Modesto forward.  I will help us find common ground.


I am ready to continue my service to the City of Modesto and bring a unique perspective during these uncertain times. I have spent my life working as an emergency room nurse. I know firsthand the pressures facing our healthcare providers and value the health and safety of our Modesto families as my top priority. 

I am also a mother to six children who all attended local public schools. I was elected to the Modesto City School Board in 2009 with a commitment to increase our graduation rates and during my tenure on the board our district's graduation rates increased from 75% to 87.6%. 


If elected mayor, I will bring a lifetime of experience and skills as a nurse, and as an elected school trustee of Modesto’s largest school district, to restoring the fundamental trust between our city government and the public it serves.


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