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A Fresh Start for Modesto

Let's Keep the Momentum Going

When I was elected Mayor in 2021, I knew our city had many challenges to face. We needed to present a united front on public safety, job creation, affordable housing, and a healthy quality of life for all of our residents. Our City leadership had been fractured and we needed to come together for a fresh start. 

In just a couple short years, I am humbled by our progress. Our City Council is now united in our efforts to tackle the complex issues we face - and I am proud to lead those efforts as your Mayor. 

When COVID had severe health and economic impacts in our City, we worked to implement programs to help the hardest hit businesses, like loosening the rules regarding outdoor dining, and funding incentives to encourage people to frequent local restaurants. 

When we needed to rebuild trust among the residents of Modesto and local law enforcement, we created the Forward Together initiative, which led to the creation of the Community Police Review Board and the hiring of an Independent Auditor.

When we faced significant budget shortfalls, we championed Measure H and got the support of an overwhelming majority of Modesto residents to use approximately $39 million per year in local money to hire more police officers, expand advanced life support services in our fire department, and allocate funding to our parks, trees, streets, sidewalks, and much more. 

But our work is not done. I want to keep our momentum going and continue to make Modesto a better place to live, work, and raise a family. I would be honored to have your support.


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